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Industrial Services

Get back to full production with Greg Schneider Electric.

Need an industrial electrician in Remington, Indiana or the surrounding area? With Greg Schneider Electric, you can upgrade any industrial equipment on your production line.

We understand how much you want to save time, reduce labor costs, and be more efficient. Since 2004, we’ve been helping people do just that with our services.


We’ll help you meet your deadlines.

We know you have to meet deadlines and avoid unnecessary production loss. Greg Schneider Electric’s top priority is to help you return to full production as soon as possible.

Our electricians will respect your deadlines and complete whatever service you need by that time, so you can get back to what you do best: running your operation efficiently.

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We’ll help you automate processes.

Automation is a major time and money saver in the industrial field. With Greg Schneider Electric, you can get the job done quickly with conveyor and machine automation.

Our electricians will show you how we design, build, install, program, and test our automated systems.


We’re here for your long-term success.

If you have a problem that you need to solve, call us. Our friendly, experienced electricians will take the time to know you and help you find a solid solution!

But, our service doesn’t stop there. We also provide maintenance checks and troubleshooting after the initial job, so you can keep running an efficient production line.

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